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Range:3 yards per level
Formula:gestures, words
Casting time:1
Area of effect:1 creature

The eyetrick causes the victim to see, for a split second, an obstacle, attack, or other surprising thing that requires immediate action. The split-second illusion can be anything that could occur out of the corner of the victim’s eyes. Overly complex illusions will simply not register, and thus have no effect. The illusion causes no damage directly. It can distract the victim, or cause the victim to trip while avoiding imaginary dangers. The illusion can cause a defense penalty of up to 2 vs. a single attack (depending on the distraction) as well as a penalty of 2 to hit on whatever attack, action, or attempt is in progress, or require an evasion roll to avoid tripping (for an obstacle). Distractions or obstacles can include a surprise attack, a child, a spider, a hole in the ground, a rope, a small animal, a large stone, something rolling by or flying by, for example.