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Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:soapy bubble
Casting time:5
Area of effect:1 creature or object

Escape transports the target to a random location in a random direction. The transport will always occur to a reasonably safe surface, in that the surface will be enough to hold the target and there will be enough room for the target. Other features of the destination (such as creatures, traps, or other problems) are ignored by the spell. The caster may affect any target up to level times twenty pounds.

Determining the destination requires three rolls: a d12 for a ‘clock’ direction horizontally, a 2d4 (minus 2) for a ‘clock’ direction vertically, and a d1000 for the number of yards maximum in that direction. Once you know the maximum distance, choose the surface nearest to the maximum distance in a line toward the caster. There is a leeway of one yard per level; any surface within that distance of the line will suffice.