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Elemental Ward

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:spark, ice, or flame
Duration:level days
Casting time:1 minute
Area of effect:level minus 3 feet diameter
Reaction:fortitude or evasion

Elemental ward creates a zone of danger around a protected area. The caster may specify a pass phrase or an item which, if carried, bypasses the ward. If a pass phrase is specified, speaking the phrase allows the speaker only to bypass the ward for one minute.

The elemental ward may be a lightning ward, a fire ward, or a cold ward. In each case, the ward will cause 1d6 points damage for every three levels of effect. A successful fortitude or evasion roll will result in half damage.

The caster may specify that one or more of the following actions will cause the ward to discharge: entering the protected zone, leaving the protected zone, or the taking or removal from the zone of any item placed within the zone before the spell was cast or while the spell was temporarily disabled with a pass phrase or key.

Once discharged, the ward ends.