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Range:2 yards per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:200 silver coin geode
Casting time:3
Area of effect:1 yard diameter per level

Dweomerburst deforms magical control in the area of effect. Anyone casting a spell during the round the dweomerburst is loosed risks damage. The damage taken is the level of the spell being cast averaged with the casting level, in d6, limited by the dweomerburst casting level. Thus, if a seventh-level sorceror casts dweomerburst and catches a ninth-level sorceror casting great ball of fire (a fifth-level spell), the fireball-casting sorceror runs the risk of 9+5, halved, or 7d6 damage. If the fireball-casting sorceror were higher level, the risk remains 7d6, because that’s the level the dweomerburst was cast at.

Each casting sorceror in the area of effect is allowed a perception roll, at a penalty of the casting time of the spell being cast, up to 10. A target that fails its perception roll takes full damage from the dweomerburst. A target that makes its perception roll can reign in their spell for no damage, or cast the spell and take half damage.