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Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:worm mucous, tree sap, limestone
Duration:level rounds
Casting time:6
Area of effect:level yards

Duality creates a second version of the spellcaster with the same survival points as the caster had at the time of casting. The duality has no verve of its own, but the caster may choose to use verve to protect the duality if appropriate. The duality cannot cast spells, is not capable of independent action, and attacks and reacts at a penalty of two (with a penalty of two on defense also). The caster, when controlling the duality, may not cast spells above third level and attacks, reacts, and defends at a penalty of one. The duality may be created with or without simple clothes; if created with clothes they will match the caster’s, to the extent that they can and remain simple. The duality will also have any of the physical abilities of the caster, such as claws, poison, or flight. The duality is created next to the caster. If the duality leaves the area of effect, the spell ends.