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Range:10 yards per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Casting time:1 minute
Area of effect:1 creature

Dreamwalk allows the caster or a chosen creature within range to enter the dreamworld of a sleeping creature also within range. The dreamer must already be dreaming. The dreamwalker will also sleep for the duration of the spell. The dreamwalker may take any form in the dream, but the form will somehow bear resemblance to the dreamwalker’s waking appearance.

If the dreamwalker merely observes, the victim will remain unaware of the intruder’s status (although the dreamwalker may well appear in the dream and be remembered on awakening). If the dreamwalker takes action in the dream, the target is allowed a perception roll, depending on the nature of the actions, to recognize the dreamwalker as an external presence.

Dreamers who detect the presence of the dreamwalker may attempt to either expel the intruder or trap the intruder with an opposed willpower roll. The spell is ended if the dreamwalker is expelled, and may be ended at any time by an untrapped dreamwalker (though dreamwalkers who are unfamiliar with the spell may not know this).