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Demonic Clarity

Range:level feet
Formula:gestures, words
Duration:level minutes
Casting time:3
Area of effect:1 creature

Demonic clarity brings a possessed creature’s true mind temporarily back into control of their body. It can affect demonic, magical, psychic, and similar possessions. The sorceror must make a perception roll, at a bonus of casting level, to be successful. If the victim is possessed by a demon, that demon’s level is applied as a penalty to the roll. If by a spell, the spell’s level of effect is a penalty. And if by a psychic, the level of effect applied to reaction penalties is a penalty to the sorceror’s roll.

If the victim cares about their possession, their wisdom is applied as a major contributor to the sorceror’s roll. It can be applied either for or against the roll, depending on whether the victim wants to be free or wants to be possessed. A victim with low wisdom will be at cross-purposes: if they want to be possessed, their low wisdom ends up making it easier for the sorceror to free them from possession, and vice versa.