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Dancing Wood

Range:level yards
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:2 ash leaves
Casting time:10
Area of effect:special
Schools:summoning, transmutation

Through this spell, the sorceror grants suppleness to any item made of wood. The item can bend jerkily under the control of the caster. If the form of the wooden item allows it, the item can grab, attack, or even walk.

Items can attack as a sorceror of half the casting level. They do damage according to their form. An arrow does damage as an arrow, a club-like form as a club, a quarterstaff as a staff. The item’s defense is the same as its inanimate form, with a bonus of two.

The sorceror may animate up to level minus one targets. The sorceror may animate either living wood or unliving wood, but not both. Living wood (such as trees) must be less than level yards tall and less than level yards in radius. Unliving wood must be less than level times ten pounds each, and must each fit within a box half level yards to a side.

Rooted plants may not uproot themselves, and items may not change their basic shape. An arrow will not walk, but could move like a snake.