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Dampen Magic

Range:10 yards per level
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:hex sign
Duration:level minutes
Casting time:1 round
Area of effect:3 yard radius per level

Dampen magic may automatically dampen any of the caster’s own spells. Dampening other spells requires a reason roll at a penalty equal to the other caster’s level. The dampening has much the same effect as dispel magic, except that the effects are temporary. dampen magic may be cast on an object or creature; if the creature fails an evasion roll, the area of effect will follow the creature.

Non-permanent ritually enchanted items, such as potions or permanent spells, are not dampened, but their effects are. Thus, a potion quaffed under the effects of dampen magic might appear to not take effect until a dampen magic spell ends.