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Contingent Elocution

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:warm breath
Duration:level years
Casting time:4
Area of effect:1 object

Contingent elocution causes the target to speak a pre-designated speech the moment that the conditions set by the caster are met. If the object has a mouth (such as a statue) the mouth will move in time with the speech; otherwise, the object will sprout a mouth of size appropriate to the object’s size, up to level feet wide. The speech can consist of up to five words per level, spread over one minute per level.

The contingency is a list of conditions that must be met. The conditions may consist of two words for every level of the caster. One word can be used to specify that the contingency applies to a specific individual (such as the caster) or a specific object. Different conditions can be applied to different parts of the speech. The conditions must occur within two yards per level, unless the object is statue-like and has eyes, in which case the conditions must occur within line of sight, up to twenty yards distant per level.