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Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:eyeball, statue
Duration:24 hours per level
Casting time:10 minutes + spell
Area of effect:caster

Contingency allows sorcerors to cast a spell on themselves, spells that will not take effect until a specific condition is met. The contingency can recognize any condition that the caster could have recognized through natural or personal-spell-enhanced ability when casting the spell. Senses granted through magical items or through spells cast by others do not count.

The spell to be made contingent can be no greater than half the caster’s level, minus 5.

The contingency is a list of conditions that must be met. The conditions can be one word for every three levels. One word can be used to specify that the contingency applies to a specific individual (such as the caster) or individual object. Once triggered, the spell is ended.