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Bottle of Dreams

Range:level minus 4 yards
Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:bottle of smoky quartz and stopper of birch
Duration:level days
Casting time:1 round plus dream
Area of effect:level yard radius

Bottle of dreams captures a dream or nightmare into a specially-prepared bottle of smoky quartz. The caster and bottle must be within level minus four yards of the dreamer. The casting time of the spell is one round, but dreams will take d6 minutes to fully capture, though the caster will not know how many minutes are necessary unless a perception roll is made.

When opened or destroyed, the dream is released, and everyone within level yards of the release must make a willpower roll or be affected by the dream. Dreams that are not fully captured are indistinct and hazy, easily escaped with another willpower roll. Those caught in a dream feel and act as if the dream were actually occurring, much like an illusion. The dream-illusion lasts for as many rounds as the d6 roll for capturing the dream. A dream which required five minutes to capture will last five rounds.

Dreams may be bottled for up to level days. Afterward, the dream dissipates harmlessly.

Despite the title, bottles may only hold one dream. The bottle is not normally destroyed in the casting, and may be re-used if thoroughly cleaned. The birch stopper is not destroyed but may not be re-used. Bottles, if purchased, will generally cost about ten silver coins.