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Between time

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:golden pocket watch
Duration:half level seconds
Casting time:6
Area of effect:caster

The caster is able to move between the hands of the clock for a very brief period. They are literally between time, and so cannot affect anything in real time other than themselves and what they carry. They can move to and through any location that is not otherwise occupied by matter other than air, and they can leave things behind at any location they’ve moved through. They move at their normal movement. If the caster moves, it will look to any onlookers as if they instantly changed position.

The spell is not of much use underwater. However, the caster can walk on water or other liquids for the duration of the spell. They can also move through energy, such as fire, without harm, since they are between time. Spells and other powers that affect the caster only may be used, but any that would have an external effect will simply fail.

The golden pocket watch is not used up in casting the spell. The pocket watch must be in working order, must have a second hand, and will likely be worth around 1,000 coins. While between time, the ticking of the second hand is as loud as a small drum.