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Bestow Spell

Formula:gestures, words
Casting time:special
Area of effect:sorceror touched

Bestow spell transfers one spell from the caster to the target. The caster loses the spell. The victim has it as if they had memorized it.

Duration depends on whether the target has ‘room’ for a spell of that level. If the target has enough spell slots to store a spell of that level, duration is ‘permanent’. That is, the spell stays in the target’s memory until it is cast. If the target does not have enough spell slots at the time of casting, or is not a mnemonic wizard, the spell will last for a number of days equal to the casting level before it fades from memory.

Casting time is one round per level of the spell being transferred.

If the bestowed spell is higher level than the target can normally cast, there is a chance that its use will drive the target temporarily insane. The target must make a reason roll, at a penalty of the difference between the spell’s level and the target’s level. If failed, the target will become confused, lost, incoherent. For the duration of the insanity, the target’s wisdom, charisma, and intelligence are reduced by the difference between the spell’s level and the target’s level. The insanity will last d100 minutes.