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Aura of Invincibility/Weakness

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:platinum ring
Duration:2 minutes per level
Casting time:4
Area of effect:level yard radius
Reverse:Aura of Weakness

The target is clearly invincible. There is no point in attacking them; surrender or retreat is the best option if at all possible. Morale for the opposition (within range) will be at a penalty of 2; for the target’s allies, at a bonus of 2.

Unwilling targets are allowed an evasion roll to avoid the effects of the spell.

Aura of weakness makes the target appear to be the most easily overcome weak spot and best place to concentrate attacks. The target is a clear failure of the enemy’s line, and the opposition gains a bonus of 2 to morale; allies have a penalty of 2.

The ingredients for Aura of Weakness is tarnished platinum ring