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Angular Path

Formula:gestures, ingredients, words
Ingredients:glass lens
Duration:3 minutes per level
Casting time:3
Area of effect:1 creature or object

Angular path sends the target into an ethereal dimension above our normal three dimensions. The target is not visible through normal senses. They can see the normal world, but they cannot affect it. They can hear things said in the normal world if they make a perception roll. They can also move “through” solid objects such as walls and floors, by finding an extra-dimensional path around the obstruction. A perception roll is required to find such a path, and it is a path. It must be traversed; it cannot be reached through or pried at.

The target can return to normal space at any time, ending the spell. It takes one round to return to normal space. The target is immune to any effects taking place in the normal world for the duration of the spell.