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Beyond here lie dragons

Use the “browse” button to search through the list of spirit manifestations: type some words to find in the title, specify your character’s level, and choose the spirit types your character can use. Once you’re ready to rock, choose “list” to make a list of manifestations for each spirit type per level, or “prayers” for a list of spirit manifestations and their descriptions by level.

Don’t forget to bookmark the search so that you can come back to it later!

spirit types


Range:level yards
Rite:focus, gestures, words
Focus:holy symbol
Duration:level rounds
Calling time:1 round
Area of effect:level yards radius
Spirit types:earth

The ground within the area of effect shakes violently. Anything not fastened is likely to fall (reaction of 5 or harder for precarious items, 15 or easier for well-anchored items). Anyone within the area of effect must make an evasion roll or be unable to act due to having to hug the ground or some nearby support. Otherwise, all actions are at a penalty of 4.