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spirit types

Paths of the Dead

Range:level yards
Rite:focus, gestures, words
Focus:a cavern, grove, or body of water
Calling time:1 minute
Area of effect:1 person
Spirit types:death, healing

The dead do not go immediately to their final rest. There are way stations and paths the dead must follow. Paths of the dead opens a way to this path if the target is less than level days dead. The prophet and up to a third level companions may travel those paths to find the dead person’s soul and return it to the land of the living. This spirit manifestation may only be used at a culturally-appropriate gateway, such as a cavern entrance, a holy grove, or a body of water.

If the target had no moral code, the target can only have been dead for up to half level days.

The retrieval usually happens quickly in the world of the living: for every hour that is spent in the paths of the dead, one round passes in mortal lands.

If the soul is successfully extracted, the target must make a health roll. If successful, the target is at full survival or at endurance survival, whichever is lower. If unsuccessful, the target is at one survival. In either case, the target has injuries equal to half the number of days they were dead.

Those who enter the paths of the dead multiple times are likely to attract the attentions of the caretakers of those paths.