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Use the “browse” button to search through the list of spirit manifestations: type some words to find in the title, specify your character’s level, and choose the spirit types your character can use. Once you’re ready to rock, choose “list” to make a list of manifestations for each spirit type per level, or “prayers” for a list of spirit manifestations and their descriptions by level.

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spirit types


Rite:focus, gestures, words
Focus:holy symbol
Duration:level days
Calling time:11
Area of effect:prophet
Spirit types:plant

Earthmeld causes the prophet to meld with the earth, sinking into the ground for up to the duration. The prophet does not age and requires no sustenance while in the ground. The prophet has no physical form and may not be damaged, although large-scale destruction will wake the prophet, whereupon the prophet may choose to go above-ground early. Otherwise, the prophet chooses, on entering the ground, how long they will remain below-ground. The prophet must be touching the ground in order to enter it.

While in the ground, the prophet heals at normal rates for sleeping.