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Use the “browse” button to search through the list of spirit manifestations: type some words to find in the title, specify your character’s level, and choose the spirit types your character can use. Once you’re ready to rock, choose “list” to make a list of manifestations for each spirit type per level, or “prayers” for a list of spirit manifestations and their descriptions by level.

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spirit types

Divine Nourishment

Rite:focus, gestures, words
Focus:a nut or berry
Duration:level days
Calling time:1 minute
Area of effect:level+d4 nuts or berries
Spirit types:healing, hearth, plant

Divine nourishment transforms a handful of nuts, berries, or other small natural plant foods into holy foods each of which can nourish as a full normal meal. One such nut or berry is as a full meal for a medium-sized creature, two meals for a small-sized creature, or half of a meal for a large-sized creature, etc. Each berry will also heal one lost survival point.

Overindulging in divine nourishment will result in a lethargic reaction: those who overindulge must make a willpower roll or fall asleep, and will be at a penalty of one on all rolls for each extra nut or berry eaten.