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Use the “browse” button to search through the list of spirit manifestations: type some words to find in the title, specify your character’s level, and choose the spirit types your character can use. Once you’re ready to rock, choose “list” to make a list of manifestations for each spirit type per level, or “prayers” for a list of spirit manifestations and their descriptions by level.

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spirit types

Death’s Door

Rite:focus, gestures, words
Focus:holy symbol
Calling time:1 round
Area of effect:1 creature
Spirit types:healing

Death is not immediate. Creatures remain barely alive following the killing act. Death’s door brings the target back from the precipice of death, and restores the target fully to life. The target’s body must be intact and capable of functioning with moderate healing once restored to life.

The target may not have been more than level minutes dead. While no reaction is allowed to avoid the effects of this spirit manifestation, the target must make a health roll, at a bonus of the spirit’s level, to survive the restoration. If failed, the target may not be brought back except by a higher level spirit.

The target loses one point of endurance, and is extremely weak. The target will be unable to walk without assistance for a number of days equal to half the number of rounds they were dead. They have a number of survival points equal to the spirit’s level, up to their maximum. Their injuries are what they were at death, reduced by the spirit’s level.