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Use the “browse” button to search through the list of spirit manifestations: type some words to find in the title, specify your character’s level, and choose the spirit types your character can use. Once you’re ready to rock, choose “list” to make a list of manifestations for each spirit type per level, or “prayers” for a list of spirit manifestations and their descriptions by level.

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spirit types

Clay Wheel

Rite:focus, gestures, words
Focus:clay, small wheel
Duration:level hours
Calling time:5
Area of effect:level inches radius
Spirit types:earth

Clay wheel takes a clay object sculpted by the prophet and gives it useful properties as if that object were real. The sculpture retains the color and feel of clay, but gains the strength, give, and plasticity of the material that the object normally would be made from.

The prophet spins their still-wet clay sculpture on the small wheel (it need only be big enough to hold the sculpture) and it immediately solidifies, becoming nearly real. When the manifestation ends, the sculpture returns to dried clay. The wheel may be re-used only to sculpt the same kind of object.

The area of effect does not limit the normal expansion of the clay sculpture. A sculpture of a coiled rope can be unwound, for example.