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Weapon Fields, Psychic Fields, and Thief Fields

Jerry Stratton, November 25, 2006

In order to make them work well with other skills in Gods & Monsters, thief skills, monk powers, and weapon familiarities will be incorporated into the Fields and Skills system. Weapon skills, in fact, were already there.

Restricted Fields will be special fields that are restricted to characters of a specific archetype, or who have a specific specialty, or (as in the case of Fighting Art) advancement within the field will be restricted. Otherwise, however, these fields work the same as any other field.


Thief skills are divided into eight fields:

FieldSkillAbilityMajor ContributorDifficulty
Burglary ScienceLocks & TrapsIntelligenceAgilityExtremely Difficult
SearchAgilityIntelligenceExtremely Difficult
Impersonation ArtActing
DisguiseCharismaWisdomExtremely Difficult
ForgeryWisdomAgilityExtremely Difficult
Memory ScienceCramIntelligenceCharismaVery Difficult
Understand LanguagesIntelligenceCharismaNearly Impossible
Misdirection ScienceCamouflage
Concealed ItemAgilityWisdomDifficult
Murder CraftBackstabAgilityIntelligenceNearly Impossible
Thief CultureBribery
Criminal Contacts
Thief’s Cant
Underworld Etiquette
Scaling CraftClimb WallsAgilityStrengthDifficult
Stealth ArtHideAgilityCharismaExtremely Difficult
Move SilentlyAgilityCharismaExtremely Difficult
Pick PocketsAgilityCharismaExtremely Difficult

Some skills have a default ability, major contributor, and difficulty level. However, these are guidelines. The Adventure Guide may call for, and the player argue for, different abilities, saving rolls, contributors, and difficulties.

Beginning Thieves receive three fields at +1, with one initial skill each. Additional fields and skills can be bought with mojo under the extended character creation system. They can be purchased and improved by thieves as normal for any field and skill.


Monks already used this system for the most part. Psychic Power Types are now Psychic Fields. Psychic Powers are now Psychic Skills. Some Psychic skills also have Techniques.

The Psychic Fields are: Telepathic Art, Psychokinetic Craft, Spiritual Art, Corporeal Art, and Dimensional Science.

Beginning Monks receive one Psychic Field at +0 for free, and three bonuses or skills within that field, modified by Charisma as a major contributor. They can purchase new fields and skills as normal.

Psychic Techniques cost 2 mojo if they apply to one skill, and 4 mojo if they apply to an entire Field. If the Monk already has the Technique in one skill in a Field, they can spend 3 mojo to make that Technique apply to all skills in the Field. If the Monk already has the Technique in two skills in the same Field, they can spend 2 more mojo to make that Technique apply to all skills in the Field.

Monks have a Psychic Pool that works in the same way as the Warrior’s Combat Pool. They can allot their Field bonus to various Effects in much the same way that a Warrior can. Monks also have an additional bonus of their Monk level which can be alloted to any Field bonus, and re-alloted every action (at most, every round).


Weapon familiarities are now skills under the Fighting Art. Fighting Art is a restricted field that all archetypes have. Individual weapons are skills within that field. Characters with archetypes automatically receive Fighting Art, and may choose new skills (weapons) within that field as they acquire mojo.

Characters gain a field bonus for Fighting Art at the same time as they gained an attack bonus under the old system; players may not spend mojo to increase their character’s Fighting Art field bonus. It is tied to their archetype levels.

Your first level character automatically has the field “Fighting Art” at +0, unless your character is a warrior. Warriors gain the field at +1. Your character also knows how to use some weapons—these are your fighting skills. When in combat, your character will get their Fighting Art field bonus as long as they are using a weapon they're skilled with.

For warriors, fighting with a weapon they have no skill with is an initial penalty of 2 (Very Difficult). For non-warriors, it is an initial penalty of 4 (Extremely Difficult).

Fighting Art is archetypal for Warriors, but non-archetypal for all other archetypes: thus, new weapon skills cost five mojo for Warriors and seven mojo for non-warriors.

In other words, other than the reduced cost for new weapon skills, this is the same as the old system but with different names. Characters can also, however place other Fighting Art-related skills in the Fighting Art. For example, a character might acquire Weapon Appraisal as a Fighting Art skill. They would then be able to appraise weapon quality using their Fighting Art field bonus.

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