Create Your Hero: What do I need to do?

  1. Create Your Hero
  2. Why are we playing this game?

Your Gods & Monsters character will be one of five heroic archetypes: warrior, thief, sorceror, prophet, or monk. You will embellish that archetype using Specialties and Fields to create a unique character.

When you create your character, think about what kind of a hero you wish to play. Some things about your character you’ll choose. Others, you’ll roll randomly using dice.

1. As a group, decide on goals for the game and choose your character’s motivation.

2. Choose a moral code for your character.

3. Choose an archetype: a warrior, thief, sorceror, prophet, or monk. You might also choose a specialty now, but you don’t have to. A specialty is some special ability that your character has, such as having a familiar or being an Elf. Some specialties have ability requirements. If yours does, remember that in the next step. You may have to settle on a different specialty for now.

4. Roll dice to find your character’s six abilities: strength, agility, endurance, wisdom, intelligence, charisma.

5. Read the checklist for your character’s archetype. It will help with the next few items.

6. Write down your character’s first level mojo.

7. Apply your character’s specialty, writing down any special abilities or restrictions it gives your character.

8. Choose your character’s initial fields and skills, if any.

9. Choose your character’s skills in their native culture.

10. Mark your character’s field bonus in the fighting art.

11. Write down your character’s survival and verve.

12. Write down your character’s movement.

13. Apply your character’s age. You may get a few extra skills if your character is older.

14. Calculate your character’s reactions.

15. Write down your character’s attack and defense bonuses (or penalties).

16. Write down your character’s carry. This is how many items they can carry at one time.

17. Write down your character’s starting money—your character’s archetypal ability, in silver coins.

18. Describe your character: what does your character look like, what is their background, why are they adventuring, which other characters does your character know, and why?

If you haven’t done so yet, you may wish to read The Order of the Astronomers for one idea of the kinds of things that can happen in a Gods & Monsters game.

  1. Create Your Hero
  2. Why are we playing this game?