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Julian_Alden_Weir_Autumn_Rain.pngWhen the first Elves came to mortal lands from golden Arlindor they were the sons and daughters of Tirtalien and Alveron. Arlindor begat the gods, who in turn begat the Elves, who taught every leaf to sing, every gem to whisper. The Alvirel, the council of the Elven gods, guide their children through the oracles of leaf, river, sky, and star.

In the beginning the Elves walked in darkness. Within the darkness Tirtalien lit silver candles in the sky, one by one, until the Elves could see the dormant forests and empty lands of the world.

Alveron crafted a great ball of gold, and from Tirtalien’s lights he lit the ball aflame and set it in motion across the sky. The golden light from Alveron’s craft warmed the forests and woke the creatures of forest, water, and sky.

Every night, Alveron’s sun drops into the ground to rejuvenate itself with the gold of the earth, and Tirtalien’s candles again light the land.

Elves: Alveron

Names: Alveron
Sobriquets: The Sunmaker, the Craftsman, the Snow-haired
Symbols: Golden disk, Carving knife
Status: Ruler (God)
Worshippers: All Elves
Moral Codes: Chaotic Good or Good
Prophets: Chaotic Good
Spirits: Prophet, Fire, Plant, Chaos, Protection

Alveron was born of the trees of Arlindor. He is ruler of the Elven gods, alongside his companion Tirtalien. He crafted the sun, that the Elven lands might grow lush and green, and the Elves tall and wise.

Alveron enjoys tending to Arlindor in the evening, as his sun casts long shadows in the green wood. He walks in many forms, and as evening falls the shadows of Arlindor spread through all the green areas of the world.

Alveron’s sons and daughters are the princes and princesses of Arlindor, whose magical kingdoms glow at the edges of the forest, and who founded the great Elven cities.

The Dwarfs revere Alveron as Oberon, the king of all secret places.

Elves: Arador

Names: Arador
Sobriquets: The Open Book
Symbols: Scroll, Pen
Status: Goddess
Worshippers: Scholars, Bards, Travelers
Moral Codes: Any
Prophets: Good, Chaotic Good
Spirits: Prophet, Peace, Prophecy, Protection, Charm

Arador is the goddess of memory and learning. Her blessing is inspiration, and her gifts philosophy and the arts. Her song is exquisite. Curiosity is her beckoning. Her teachings bestow the authority to govern wisely and command effectively. Arador’s bright eyes part the mist of time to see both future and past.

Arador is the protector of scholars, bards, and others dedicated to gathering knowledge. Many of the Rivelaelfte call her patron. Her name anoints temporal rulers and is invoked by judges to bless their rulings with wisdom.

The Dwarfs revere Arador as Ergandion, goddess of ancient wisdom.

Elves: Arlindor

Arlindor, the forest of the gods, preceded all and bore Alveron and Tirtalien in its trees and rivers. Arlindor is the source of grace, calming all who dwell there. Its natural beauty inspires and strengthens the fey. Arlindor can be felt in the mortal world in groves and grottoes of extreme beauty. All such places are shadows of Arlindor.

Names: Arlindor
Sobriquets: The High Forest, the Forest
Symbols: Pinecone, Leaf
Status: Elder God
Worshippers: All Elves
Moral Codes: Chaotic Good or Good
Prophets: Chaotic Good
Spirits: Prophet, Earth, Plant, Animal, Water

Arlindor’s tallest tree, Lerovian, is always visible to the Elven eye.

Arlindor is home to all faerie. The Halflings know Arlindor as Lenerlin, green fields. The gnomes know it as Kirliendol, the autumn hills.

Elves: Avieglien

Avieglien, youngest son of Alveron, is Alveron’s most trusted messenger. He bears the wisdom of the Alvirel to the Elves and to all civilized races. Avieglien travels in many guises, as Elf, as child, as man, even as eagle, horse, or donkey. Avieglien assists those in quandaries, but his assistance comes in the form of riddles and tricks. Many are the fools or young Elves who have mistaken Avieglien’s assistance for further troubles.

Names: Avieglien
Sobriquets: The Messenger, the Half-Elven
Symbols: Feather, Staff
Status: God
Worshippers: All Elves, Half-Elves
Moral Codes: Chaotic Good or Good
Prophets: Chaotic Good
Spirits: Prophet, Chaos, Animal, Charm, Prophecy

Avieglien is Alveron’s son by way of the elder race of men, whom men themselves have forgotten. The Elves called the woman Tialnambe, for her golden hair and bright eyes. This greatest of human princesses possessed a strong wit and an Elvish beauty. Avieglien grew to adulthood in her court, but with the impending fall of the elder race turned to the Alvirel for aid. The stories of the great wars of the elders is a book in itself, but in the end mankind diminished, and the greatness of their beginnings faded in memory to legend, and was then forgotten except for snippets here and there in creation myths.

The Dwarfs revere Avieglien as the trickster Obeag.

Elves: Iredana

Names: Iredana
Sobriquets: The Silent Spinner
Symbols: Spider, Crystal prism, Needle
Status: Goddess
Worshippers: Weavers, Healers, Seers
Moral Codes: Any
Prophets: Any Chaotic
Spirits: Prophet, Healing, Death, Prophecy, Plant

Iredana, the silent spinner, in shape as a great black spider slowly drawing the web of life from living threads. Her eyes shine as a crystal rainbow, and she speaks in a voice so low that it travels forever, so soft that it raises water to waves and shatters glass to fine dust. Iredana bears the thread of life and can read the coincidences that form web from strands.

Iredana is the hand of destiny. She toils in dark caves and tall trees. Her struggle is the struggle between gift and craft. With weaving is the fate of the world created, and the eye of destiny is in every spider’s web. Iredana’s web extends forever in all directions, depressed where it touches on moments, places, and persons of power.

Iredana taught gems to whisper in the heart of all who love beauty.

Elves: Morefien

The Lord of lakes and seas, the white steed Morefien bears the weight of the lands and all upon the lands. He bears ships to shore on white-crested waves.

Names: Morefien
Sobriquets: The Deep, Lord of the Lakes and Seas, The White Steed
Symbols: Horse, Ship
Status: God
Worshippers: Sailors, Riders, Warriors
Moral Codes: Any
Prophets: Any Chaotic, Any Good
Spirits: Prophet, War, Water, Prophecy, Protection

We all ride upon Morefien’s strong back. He leads the Elves into war when war is needed. Alveron or Tirtalien often ride upon the white steed in battle.

Morefien is deadly enemy to goblins and the giant-kin: orcs, ogres, and trolls.

Elves: Tialnambe

Tialnambe is a memory, evoked by Elves as protection for humans they have loved. She is long dead, but her sacrifice earned her memory a place in the golden valley of the Alvirel. Elves rarely take humans as lovers. Such a pairing always ends in sadness for one or the other, but the story of Tialnambe, Alveron, and Avieglien is remembered by Elves who pass it to human consorts and their half-Elven children.

Names: Tialnambe
Sobriquets: Golden-eyed, Avieglien’s Mother
Symbols: Golden eye
Status: Hero
Worshippers: Human wives of Elves, Half-Elves
Moral Codes: Any Good
Prophets: None
Spirits: None

When Avieglien returned to Arlindor, he fashioned three golden eyes in Tialnambe’s memory, with Alveron’s aid, to protect the weakened race of man. Those who wear a golden eye of Tialnambe are, according to the legends, watched over by Avieglien himself.

Elves: Tirtalien

Names: Tirtalien
Sobriquets: The Morning Moonrise, the Candle-bearer
Symbols: Blue moon, Lit candle
Status: Ruler (Goddess)
Worshippers: All Elves
Moral Codes: Chaotic Good or Good
Prophets: Chaotic Good
Spirits: Prophet, Animal, Water, Chaos, Protection

Tirtalien, born of the rivers of Arlindor, lit the stars on Arlindor’s first morning. From her candle’s flames Alveron lit the sun’s fires and warmed the forests. Elves always walk in Tirtalien’s light.

Tirtalien is mother to most of the princes and princesses of Arlindor. She walks in the morning and under moonlight to visit the edges of the Elven forest and to speak with her children.

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