Tales of Highland: Heroes and villains

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Robert Annis, Prophet of God

In the sixth century after the Cataclysm, Robert Annis was an ironworker touched by God.

Goaded the Wells family of Crosspoint and blessed them as they went into battle.

Boaz of Bordonne

In 1697 AD, Boaz fled into the mountains and possibly over the mountains into the Deep Forest, after liberating some of the treasure of the tyrant Prince Stomroy of Bordonne, a northern principality in South Bend. Hidden in the mountains, Boaz’s reputation drew to him an army of farmers and merchants dedicated to the overthrow of Prince Stomroy. Boaz led his rebel armies out of the mountains to skirmish with the Prince until the Prince was finally captured and imprisoned. Boaz and his armies placed a young cousin of the Prince on the throne, who ruled with far more wisdom and compassion, and who took Boaz’s lieutenants as his own.

Boaz himself disappeared into the mountains, to return whenever he is needed to shatter the iron fist of tyrants.

Elroy Courlander, Earl of Lisport

The last seated Earl of the House of Lisport, Elroy Courlander defended West Highland in the early years of the Goblin wars. The charismatic Colonel Courlander raised an army from his lands and the towns along the Leather Road, successfully defending Brightwood Crossing (where the Earl had holdings) and Black Stag in great battles during the summer of 896. In the winter, he returned to give the sad news to one of his three daughters that her fiancé had died in the (First) Battle of Brightwood Crossing. Melody Courlander brooded the whole winter, and in the deeps of 1897 she murdered her entire family, including Colonel Courlander and his two trusted lieutenants.

Only Melissa Courlander’s son by John Alegar (and Alegar himself) survived. Their descendants manage Lisport House in Fork, the last of their holdings. Lisport itself is one of the many abandoned towns of the Fawn River, having been overrun by a Goblin army following the murder of Courlander and his lieutenants.

Elroy’s brother, Lieutenant Aaron Courlander, is presumed to have died with the Astronomers, the lost Order south of the Leather Road, which he joined as a young man.

Hanthur, Prophet of God

Hanthur was a convert from the far north who came south to Crosspoint in the late fourth century after the Cataclysm. He aided the Order of Illustration in the thirteen-eighties, in 1385 blessing their golden staff of the dove during the battle of North Haven Hill, against the mountain Goblins.

The Three in Shadow

Alazar of the Night, Measure, and Taurus lived in the late sixth century after the cataclysm. Taurus was a great warrior of the Astronomers and was instrumental in clearing the area around Kristagna of evil creatures. But he was seduced by the servants of Satan: Alazar of the Night appealed to his pride and drew him into the service of these two powerful sorcerors, Alazar and Measure.

Measure is known for several spells, such as the legendary Fool’s Magic (now lost to the lost Astronomers) and Secret Message (known to the world as Measure’s Secret Message). Measure was a close friend of Taurus in the Order, and worked to make a great weapon of power to advance the Order’s cause in the rough wilderness. Alazar twisted the weapon, and twisted Measure as well, so that the two great heroes of the Astronomers turned to shadow and the night.

  1. Tales of Highland
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